Day Camp Positions

A summer at SpringHill Day Camp

Day Camp is one big road trip all summer long. Travel across the country to bring a summer camp experience to 17,000 kids.
  • Live life on the road - A new city every week!
  • See how the local church is impacting communities in your local state
  • Stay with host families who open their homes and provide free meals
  • Kids go home at night, so you get to connect with your team every evening
  • Watch kids take risks, face new challenges, and have a ton of fun through high adventure activities and adventures
  • Be part of a strong, supportive community as you grow in your faith and leadership skills 

"Traveling with Day Camp means getting to see God's work in so many different settings. It feels like you're on the mission field, and I love this community."

Available Positions

Summer Leader (Camp Counselor)

Our Summer Leaders are the cornerstone of the SpringHill experience. 


  • Lead kids through daily camp activities, meals, lessons, and team building exercises
  • Participate in activities alongside kids including gaga ball, climbing wall, waterslides, and obstacle courses
  • Be a role model and a spiritual leader
  • Be part of a strong, supportive team of counselors and leadership staff 


You'll grow in your own faith, leadership skills, and have a ton of fun along the way.

Summer Leader - 2 Girls.jpg

Inclusion Counselor

Our inclusion counselors act as 1:1 support to campers with special needs. 


  • Assist kids in participating in activities 
  • Provide special care as required 
  • Ensure that kids are safe and getting what they need to have an exceptional experience

Media (photo, video, productions)

Our media team captures the experience through photo and video and allows parents to see what their kids are experiencing throughout the week. 

  • Capture photos of kids doing activities throughout the day
  • Capture videos of kids doing activities throughout the day
  • Upload, edit, and post 
  • Create a weekly video 
  • Run sound, lights, and slides for large group gatherings
Summer Leader - Photographer.jpg

Leadership Positions

Leadership positions at SpringHill require problem solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to serve and lead a group of peers. 


  • Support and oversee a team of Summer Leaders 
  • Lead Bible studies
  • Conduct weekly meetings with your staff and individual summer leaders
  • Act as a support system for summer leaders
  • Manage groups of staff
  • Ensure that kids are having an exceptional experience
  • Interact with parents and church partners

Details, details, details

A typical day schedule

A day in the life of a SpringHill Day Camp leader usually looks a little like this:


  • 7:30 Arrive at camp for devotion and set-up 
  • 9:00 Kids arrive 
  • 9-11:30 Dance party, small groups, camp activity 
  • 11:30 Lunch
  • 12-4 Camp activities, small groups, large group teaching 
  • 4:00 kids leave, clean up 
  • 5:30 Staff worship or night off at host homes 
  • 11:00 Lights out 

Age groups

At SpringHill day camp, we serve kids in K-5th grade, depending on the location. For every program we offer, we try to create experiences that meet kids where they are developmentally. 



We break our Day Camp program out by

  • K-3
  • 3-5


Kids will participate in activities and curriculum that makes sense for their age. 

Important Dates

Every day camp summer position will begin with training. Our training is fun, engaging, and meant to prepare you for whatever you'll face in the weeks ahead. It's important that you are present for training so that you feel equiped to do your job. It's also a great time to begin bonding with your team!  
  • Late May: Training begins 
  • First day of camp: May 31, June 7 or June 14 (varies by location) 
  • Last day of camp: August 14 

Application Process

STEP 1: Complete application 
STEP 2: Schedule video interview 
STEP 3: Interview with SpringHill rep 
STEP 4: You'll hear back in one week or less!