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Love what you do.
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Who you do it with.
A summer job at SpringHill means community, commitment, and a chance to gain skills that will impact your professional future.
Our Why.
SpringHill is a youth ministry that uses summer camps to reach the next generation with fun, life-changing experiences that bring kids closer to Jesus.
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"You can't put a price on this kind of work.
Lives are changing all over the place." 

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What's new for summer 2024?

Check out what's new for the summer of 2024!


We will be doing term options again for summer 2024. Each term is five (5) weeks long, and the full summer is ten (10) weeks long.


Summer Leaders are asked to commit to at least one term, minimum. (Returning Summer Leaders who have availability less than one term are welcome to apply, but will not be issued contracts until spring 2024, on an as-needed basis.)


For summer of 2024, we will have ONE overnight team! This means that our ONE overnight team will all train together and serve together all summer long.  If you serve next summer as an overnight counselor, extra support counselor, lead counselor, media or infirmary staff the first term will be at our Indiana Overnight Property June 2- June 28th. The week of July 1-5th will be a built in week off for you. Then the ONE overnight team will all serve together at our Michigan Overnight property for July 7- August 9! 


If you serve in summer of 2024 as an activity specialist or in our guest service department you will be connected to a property for the whole summer if you choose to serve both terms. One term would be serving alongside of the Springhill summer camp team and one term would be serving guest group partners. Weeks off for activity and guest service specialists will be scattered throughout the summer because both properties have guest groups the week of July 1-5. 


Whether you are working one term or the full summer, you'll be able to request one (1) week off!

Required Training

All Summer Leaders will be required to participate in preliminary online training as well as on-site training (dates TBA).

Family Experiences (Overnight Camps only)

We'll be trying out a brand new SpringHill Experience this summer called Family Experiences.


If you are interested in a job in Family experiences, please let your recruiter know!

Overnight Camp? Day Camp? Here's the deal.

There are so many jobs to choose from at SpringHill. From being a counselor to a lifeguard, there's a role for just about everybody at SpringHill. 
But the most common question we get is, what's the difference between Overnight Camp and Day Camp? 

Overnight Camp Jobs

Overnight Camp is how SpringHill started! Every summer thousands of kids come to one of our Overnight Camp locations for a week of adventure, learning, and growing. Whether in Evart, Michigan or Seymour, Indiana, SpringHill Overnight is a fast-paced, high-energy experience for kids in grades 1-12. 


A job at Overnight Camp requires no travel, kids spend the night, and you live on a SpringHill property all summer.


Overnight Camp positions include counselor, working with campers with special needs, lifeguard, videographer, photographer, activity leader and more! 

Day Camp Jobs

Day Camp is all about bringing a SpringHill experience to communities throughout the Midwest. We partner with local churches to provide the fun and excitement of SpringHill to kids pre-K – 5th grade…right in their own community.


When you work for Day Camp it's like being on one giant road trip all summer long! Travel to different cities, serve in different neighborhoods, and meet kids from different backgrounds. Spend the summer serving the local church and providing a fun summer experience to families.  


Positions at Day Camp include counselor, media director,working with campers with special needs, and more! 

Job Details

  • Starting pay is $260 a week
  • Required, in-person training: 5/24-5/31 (actual training dates dependent on Summer Leader’s role)
  • Full summer: 6/2 – 8/10 (*commit to 8 out of 10 weeks)
  • Term 1 only: 6/2 - 6/29 (*commit to 4 out of 5 weeks)
  • Term 2 only: 7/7 - 8/10 (*commit to 4 out of 5 weeks)

* All applicants will be given the opportunity to select a week off before signing a contract

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STEP 1: Complete application
STEP 2: Schedule video interview
STEP 3: Interview with SpringHill rep

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