Emerging Leader Program

The Emerging Leader Program exists to activate the next generation of Christian leaders.

Earn a Master of Arts degree in Global Leadership from Wheaton College with this 3-year program from SpringHill.
Hands on work experience creates the best learning opportunities while providing real-life growth, not possible in traditional classrooms.
Grow your leadership skills through spiritual mentoring, living in community, and impacting the world through hands-on ministry opportunities.
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Today, Christian student leaders desire to grow in their faith and skills in order to lead in professional ministry environments. SpringHill has a unique history of identifying and developing young leaders through relational mentoring, formal training, and hands-on ministry experience. 
By providing a Masters of Arts (MA) learning experience within the SpringHill ministry model, the Emerging Leader Program provides college graduates with the opportunity to build practical leadership skills while growing deeper in their faith. The acquired confidence and new abilities that this program provides will prepare these new leaders to impact the world and the next generation with the love of Jesus.

Academic. Spiritual. Practical.

The program encompasses 3 pillars. Each of the pillars is designed to form young people into godly, mature leaders. When the pillars are integrated, the program will holistically form young leaders, growing them in their faith and leadership skills for God’s Kingdom.


  • Complete an MA in Global Leadership class work, showcasing a desire to learn, grow, and engage in the materials at the highest level 
  • Complete homework and studies alongside the demands of other program work and requirements
  • Travel with classmates to respective class locations
  • Integrate classroom studies into the practical work experience

Spiritual formation

  • Bible Studies
  • Opportunity to meet regularly with a spiritual director
  • Participate in monthly staff devotionals and solo times

Practical experience

As directed, participate in the following aspects of camp:

  • Recruiting—Engage in recruiting summer leaders to serve at all SpringHill locations, including college campus visits and interviewing.
  • Guest Services—Participate in retreat planning, communicate with guest groups, organize housing and activity schedule, and serve on-site guests.
  • ProgramingAssist in the creation of creative programming for SpringHill events both in the summer season and winter season.
  • Activities—Learn how to safely and effectively operate SpringHill activities; in order to facilitate meaningful experiences for guest groups and/or campers.
  • Summer Leadership—Serve in a leadership position during the summer.


This is a year round program, with each program year beginning and ending in August. 
Fall semester
August - December
MA coursework and SpringHill practical
Spring semester 
January - April
MA coursework and SpringHill practical
Summer semester
May - August
SpringHill summer assignment
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The program's location is SpringHill Camp in Evart, MI. Academic work will be done both online and in person at Wheaton College and/or Honeyrock.


On-site camp housing paid for by SpringHill.

MA Credit

The Emerging Leader Program offers a MA degree in Global Leadership from Wheaton College.
Credit hours are earned by program year, totaling 36 credit hours.
Teaching Format
  • Intensive: Students complete reading and writing prior to 4-8 days of in-person time with the professor. Finish with final projects.
  • Hybrid: Online sessions, followed by 2-4 days of in-person time with the professor, finish with online sessions.
  • Online: All sessions online.


Potential Schedule for ELP

Year 1 — 8 credits

Fall semester

  • Leadership and Spiritual Formation (4 credits, hybrid)

Spring semester

  • Organizational Leadership and Staff Development (4 credits, intensive)


  • Immersion in applying academic experience as Camp Center Directors at our Overnight or Day Camp locations (0 credits)


Year 2 — 14 credits

Fall semester

  • Theology and Practice of Outdoor / Camp Ministry (4 credits, intensive)
  • Program Philosophy and Planning (4 credits, online)

Spring semester

  • Biblical Theological Studies (4 credits, online)
  • Cultural Engagement (2 credits, hybrid)


  • Immersion in applying academic experience as Camp Center Directors at our Overnight or Day Camp locations (0 credits)


Year 3 — 14 credits

Fall semester

  • Foundations of Experiential Education (2 credits, hybrid)
  • Leading Multicultural Teams (2 credits, intensive)
  • Elective (2 credits)

Spring semester

  • Strategic Management (2 credits, hybrid)
  • Electives (6 credits)
  • Integrative Seminar (2 credits)


  • Immersion in applying academic experience as Camp Center Directors at our Overnight or Day Camp locations (0 credits)


Electives opportunities

  • Advancement and Financial Management (4 credits)
  • Outdoor Ministry in a Global Context (4 credits)
  • Teaching the Bible (2 credits)
  • Human Resource Management (4 credits)
  • Wheaton College's School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership options available

Program tuition + cost

Each student will receive a $25,000 stipend per year, which includes 2 weeks vacation and 2 weeks of holidays.
The student is responsible for:
  • ELP tuition costs:  $10,000/year

Apply if

  • You are a college graduate interested in an MA degree in leadership.
  • You are looking for an opportunity to build practical leadership skills while growing deeper in your faith. 
  • You desire confidence and new abilities to impact the world with the love of Jesus.