Overnight Positions

A Summer at SpringHill Overnight

Our overnight camp properties are located in Evart, Michigan and Seymour, Indiana and serve 9,000 kids a summer. 
  • Spend your term at one of these 600+ acre locations
  • Help kids grow as they step away from their routine and into a week outside of their comfort zone
  • Stay in themed housing including train cabooses, old western towns, teepees, and airplanes
  • Lead nighttime campfires where kids start to make connections in their faith
  • Watch kids take risks, faces challenges, and have a ton of fun through high adventure activities and new adventures
  • Be part of a strong, supportive community as you grow in your faith and leadership skills

"There's no way you can understand this place until you step foot here. The people. The culture. It's so loving and embracing." 

Available Positions

Camp Counselor

Camp Counselors are the backbone of a summer at SpringHill. Counselors care for and pour into campers weekly by share the Gospel and building relationships. Counselors work with campers who have completed grades 1st through 3rd, 4th through 6th, 6th through 9th, or 9th through 12th. Some responsibilities include… 

  • Establish relationships with the campers assigned to their cabin 
  • Lead campers in small group Bible studies through Gospel-centered curriculum 
  • Participate and travel with campers in activities throughout the day 
  • Support staff and campers in day-to-day operations while ensuring needs are met   
  • Sleep in a cabin with campers at night 
  • Strong spiritual leader and mentor for their assigned campers 
  • Work with a team of co-counselors to best serve the assigned area 
  • Complete other duties as assigned by the Camp Center Lead Counselors  


You'll grow in your own faith, leadership skills, and have a ton of fun along the way.


Inclusion Counselor

The Inclusion Counselor is a co-counselor in an assigned cabin group.  The Inclusion Counselor is knowledgeable on appropriate care for campers with special needs in the assigned cabin. The Inclusion Counselor assumes all Counselor responsibilities and ensures that the camper with special needs has needs met adequately. The Inclusion Counselor looks for creative ways to adapt lessons to the camper's level and ensures that inclusion is taking place. The Inclusion Counselor must have a heart to serve children with special needs and familiarity with working with people with special needs. Inclusion Counselors should expect to be involved with changing, toileting, lifting and transferring, and showering campers. Inclusion Counselors are trained in de-escalation techniques to handle adverse situations. 

Summer Leader - Inclusion girl.jpg

Activity Specialists

Activity Specialists are the backbone of the activity team. The primary role of the Activity Specialist is to assist in the set up and tear down of all activities as well as aiding counselors who will help facilitate the activities. Activity Specialist will lead in a specific camp area such as High Adventure, Aquatics, Target Sports, Wrangler, or Crafts.


Media Specialist

The Media Specialist serves by capturing memories through photos for campers and parents. The Media Specialist photographs each cabin, event and activity and uploads photographs two times per day for parents to view while their campers are attending SpringHill. Some responsibilities include… 

  • Attend team evening/morning meeting Bible study. 
  • Follow schedule set by Productions Assistant Site Leader for their designated activities or events to capture photos 
  • Edit photos each day in media room adhering to a set standard of quality. 
  • Upload photos in a timely manner 
  • Maintain cameras and equipment ensuring cameras and equipment are available and ready for use 
  • Fill in in other areas/camp centers as needed 
  • Complete other duties as assigned by the Productions Assistant Site Leader 
Summer Leader - Photographer.jpg

Leadership Positions

Lead Counselor 
The Lead Counselor implements all programs (evening events, campfires, and skits) from start to finish each day for the campers in the assigned area. The Lead Counselor provides leadership to the Counselors by running morning meetings, spending 1:1 time with staff, and observing interactions with assigned campers weekly. The Lead Counselor is responsible to minister to assigned campers through quality time with them and dealing with behavior issues that arise. Lead Counselors will oversee a specific area of camp. Specific areas include completed 1st through 3rd, 4th through 6th, 6th through 9th, or 9th through 12th. 

Activity Lead 
An Activity Lead provides direct leadership to the Activity Specialists. The Activity Lead conducts weekly meetings, Bible studies, audits, leads and facilitates activities during the week and/or weekend. An Activity Lead will oversee a specific area of camp such as High Adventure, Aquatics, Target Sports, Wrangler, or Crafts. 

Assistant Site Leader 
An Assistant Site Leader trains, encourages, and mentors staff and leadership in a specific area of camp.  The Assistant Site Leader helps leads a team through Gospel centered care and specific, appropriate programming for the area of camp. Specific areas include completed 1st through 3rd, 4th through 6th, 6th through 9th, or 9th through 12th as well as health, administration, guest services, productions, and inclusion. 

Site Leader

The Site Leader provides overall leadership to a specific area of camp under the guidance of an Experience Director and in alignment with SpringHill’s Mission Statement.  

She/he is responsible for all aspects of the camp experience, including: staff development, recruiting and/or retention; camper experience; parent interactions; understanding and maintaining an assigned budget.  The ideal candidate for a Site Leader holds (or is nearing completion of) a bachelor’s degree, has prior ministry and/or related experience, has a proven ability to lead others, has excellent interpersonal skills and is a motivated self-starter able to work unsupervised.

If you are interested in a Site Leader position, please contact Jon Ackley-Jelinek jackleyjelinek@springhillexperiences.com directly to schedule a call.



Details, details, details

A typical day schedule

A day in the life of a SpringHill overnight summer leader usually looks a little something like this


  • 6:45-7:15: Morning meeting  
  • 7:45-9:00: Breakfast, small group 
  • 9:00-11:30: Activities 
  • 11:30-12:30: Morning Bible study, skits, lunch 
  • 12:30-2:00: Rest and cabin time 
  • 2:30-5:00: Activities 
  • 5:00-6:30: Afternoon Bible study/dinner 
  • 6:45-8:00: Evening event 
  • 8:15-9:30: Campfire or large group programming 
  • 9:30-11: Lights out (depending on age group) 

Age groups

At SpringHill overnight, we serve kids in grades 1-12. For every program we offer, we try to create experiences that meet kids where they are developmentally. That means that activities will be smaller for first graders and larger for ninth graders, and that curriculum will contain more pictures for younger kids and more time for reflection and discussion for older kids. 



In Michigan, our age groups and programs are:

  • 1-3 grade Storybrook
  • 3-6 grade Copper Country
  • 6-9 grade New Frontiers
  • 9-12 grade Teen Service Team (TST)* 

In Indiana, our age groups and programs are:

  • 1-3 grade Explore
  • 3-6 grade Ignite
  • 6-9 grade Engage 
  • 9-12 grade Teen Service Team (TST)*

*In our high school program, campers spend half their time serving and the other half participating in activities. 


Important Dates

Every overnight summer position will begin with training. Our training is fun, engaging, and meant to prepare you for whatever you'll face in the weeks ahead. It's important that you are present for training so that you feel equiped to do your job. It's also a great time to begin bonding with your team! 
  • Training begins: June 5 for counselors, May 29 for most leadership staff and activity specialists
  • First day of camp: June 12
  • Last day of camp: August 5 in Indiana, August 12 in Michigan


Application Process

STEP 1: Complete application 
STEP 2: Schedule video interview 
STEP 3: Interview with SpringHill rep 
STEP 4: You'll hear back in one week or less!