Every kid deserves the opportunity to come to camp.

Our mission is for every child to feel like they belong and have a place at SpringHill. That is why we hire and train staff so that they are equipped to address each young person’s needs, whether they are physical, behavioral, or medical.
SpringHill provides special housing, transportation, and one-on-one support from highly trained staff for each child to ensure an unforgettable experience.If your child requires any special needs support, you can let us know during the booking process and one of our Inclusion Coordinators will be in touch to figure out the right level of care for your attendee.

Tyler, Inclusion camper
At the beginning of the week I realized we had a camper with special needs in our cabin. At first I turned away from him, not thinking about his feelings like I should have been. After a day or two I grew closer to God through prayer and reading the bible. That was when I finally realized that the camper I had turned away from was really the best part about our cabin. Being able to see him have fun and grow with God really helped me become closer to God. Because of that camper and this experience I got to witness the full power of the Lord.
Overnight camper
We had a one-on-one counselor this week with a girl in our cabin, she was so good with her. She was always patient and kind and I feel she was just an inspiration for our group.
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Inclusion_9_mi_summer_2014_wk9_tuesday_jsg_0622 (1).jpg
Max, Inclusion camper
This is my first year at camp and I liked studying about God and Jesus and singing the songs. I’m thankful for camp because I made good friends here, like my counselors and the people in the cabin. I want to have a school here and live here forever!